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We can make any custom design vinyls sign for your vehicles. To make your business signage, we just need few things from you.


1. Your business logo (if you have one)

2. Name of your business

3. Phone number or mobile

4. Email address 

5. Website address (if you have)

6. Any special color code (if required)

7. Reference design or idea (if any)


Once we get all the details above fro you, we then make the design in 2-3 and send it to you.

We will make chages if required until you are happy and approve it for printing process.

It will take 2 - 5 days (depending on the job size)for the prints to be ready for pick up or delivery. If you need installation by our team members in Soth east Melbourne, thenwe will make an appointment with you to finish the job.


Please select the sticker quality to check the final price for each product most of them have 2-3 quality options. And the price will change according.  


Vinyl Life Warranty

Standard quality printed & laminated vinyl sign has 2-3 years life and Premium quality has 4-5+ years life on verticle surfaces. And will reduce from 40 - 70% for horizontal sufaces.

The life of the sign also depends on your care & mantinance.

Window signage specially (One Way Vision) sign life warranty is 6 months to 1 year.  But if you keep you car clean & well maintained. With lamination on top it can go for 2 years plus. 

For more info about different vinyl life spam, pls check our vehicle wrapping price guide.


There are few ways to install it.

1. You can install it yourself and can find heplful videos on youtube.

2. But if you cannot install it by yourself, then you can find a vinyl sticker installer near you on google or your local signage shop can do it for you.

3. Charges of installation depends on every individuals, according to their fame, expertise, Quality of their job, their location etc. Also the shape of the car body, trims, deep channels, edge finishings etc. For this project roughly between $650 - $790.

4. You can also find installers to do it on-site (at your place) for you but they will charge you extra for their mobile service.


Hope this may help you but if there is any more question then pls contact us on 1800 981 581 or send us an email to


AU$4,350 Regular Price
AU$3,950Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax |
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