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To make an attractive sign on your vehicle will hace the following stages.

1. Once you choose the signage style to go ahead then you will have to pay 70% deposit.

2. After receiving the payment we will put your job in the queue for design.

3. We will send you the design in 2-3 days after payment is received. If the design is complicated or we were very busy, then it may take a bit longer.

4. You may ask to make up to 10% changes in the design or colors. If you wanted more changes or new designs then $125 per hour will be charged for design services.

5. Once you are happy and approved the design then we will start production of your job.

6. We will then make an appointment for you to bring your vehicle for the hours or days required. 

7. You must bring your vehicle washed & clean for signage installation.

8. If your vehicle is dirty or not clean when delivered then we will charge you extra $80 for hand wash.

9. This kind of jobs can take around 4 hours to complete.

10. You will have to pay the remaining balance of 30% on delivery or before picking up the vehicle.

11. Make sure to write a review about our product & services later.

THanks for you time to read.


PriceFrom AU$468
Excluding Sales Tax |
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