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Supplied only. Installation will cost extra $60-$99 depends on the window type.

Clear Focus EconoVue - Perforated Window Film

Clear Focus EconoVue is a 160 micron black/white monomeric gloss PVC film, with a clear pressure-sensitive adhesive and universal liner. It has 1.5mm hole diameter perforations, and is ideal for short-term promotional graphics. You can expect up to 2 years outdoor durability.

EconoVue is the cheapest perforated window film Clear Focus offer, and it is targeted at mass transit vehicles with short-term promotional campaigns. The film has 40% perforation and 60% vinyl space - meaning printed graphics are more vibrant, and less heat enters the window reducing air conditioning expenses.


• Black/white monomeric gloss calendered vinyl
• 1.5mm hole diameter perforations
• Up to 2 years expected outdoor durability
• Designed for replaceable exterior mounting
• Compatible with all print systems

Suitable Applications:

• Short-term exterior mount window graphics
• Buses, coaches, trams, and other mass transit vehicles
• Shop and office window space
• Glass doors and other transparent surfaces


PriceFrom AU$149
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