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You can use this decal in 3 ways as you can see in the images.

You will get a pair of sticker for both sides of the vehicle. Please select the sticker quality to check the final price because the price will change according to quality.  Standard quality has 3-4 years life and Premium quality has 5-8 years life on verticle surfaces. It also depends on your care & mantinance. There are few ways to install it.


1. For small jobs you can install it yourself if you find heplful videos on youtube.

2. If you cannot install it by yourself, then you can find a vinyl sticker installer near you on google or your local signage shop can do it for you.

3. Charges of installation depends on every individuals, according to their fame, expertise, Quality & location etc. Also the shape of the car body, trims, deep channels, edge finishings etc. Roughly between $120 - $180.

4. You can also find installers to do it on-site (at your place) but they will charge you extra for their mobile service.

Hope this may help you but if there is any more question then pls email us to


AU$280 Regular Price
AU$180Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax |
Color: Blue
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