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Vehicle Sign Cost / Prices

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

The cost of vehicle advertising can vary depending on several factors, including the type of vehicle, the duration of the campaign, the size and complexity of the design, and the geographic location. Here are some common methods of vehicle advertising and their approximate costs:

Design and Graphics:

A well-designed vehicle signage grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression. It should be visually appealing, engaging, and effectively communicate the intended message. Design plays a crucial role in vehicle signage for several reasons. Here are some of the key aspects of design importance in vehicle signage. Read more

Full Vehicle Wraps:

This involves covering the entire vehicle with vinyl graphics or decals. The cost can range from a $2500 dollars for small hatchback car to $3250 dollars for larger car, $2750 for a small van to $4250 for a Toyota Hiace 2010 shape van. Larger van wrap will cost more. And more intricate wraps with multi color or special vinyl like color shifting and chrome will cost more. The price may also vary based on the type of vehicle (e.g., car, truck, van) and the surface area to be covered.

The little van above will cost around $2750 to wrap (design cost not included $350)

This Toyota Hiace van above will cost around $4250 to full wrap (design cost not included $350)

Partial Wraps:

Instead of covering the entire vehicle, partial wraps focus on specific areas like doors, hoods, or windows. The cost for partial wraps is typically lower than full wraps, ranging from a couple of hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

This Toyota Hiace van above will cost $2150 for partial wrap (design cost not included $250)

Vinyl Lettering and Decals:

This option involves applying vinyl lettering, logos, or decals directly onto the vehicle's surface. The cost depends on the size, vinyl quality, complexity, and quantity of the decals, but it is generally more affordable than full or partial wraps. Prices can range from around $50 for small decals to a few hundred dollars for larger designs.

Magnetic Signs:

Not so popular these days. These are removable signs that adhere to the vehicle using magnets. Magnetic signs are a cost-effective option, with prices typically ranging from $60 to $120 per sign, depending on size and design. Mostly used on front doors of the car and size between H:400 x W:600mm.

This Magnet sign above will cost around $70 each

Painted Vehicle Advertising:

For more permanent and custom designs, some companies choose to paint their vehicles with advertisements. This option tends to be more expensive and can cost several thousand dollars or more, depending on the complexity of the design and the size of the vehicle.

Pls check the reference images below as a guide for car sign prices.

It's important to note that these cost estimates are general and can vary significantly based on the specific requirements of your advertising campaign, the location, and the chosen service provider. It's recommended to contact local vehicle advertising companies or sign shops to get accurate quotes based on your unique needs.

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Sep 17, 2023
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very helpful article


Sep 12, 2023
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Very informative post. I like it ❤️


Aug 31, 2023
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I like the sample mockup visual price comparisons made it easy to understand.


Hazara art
Hazara art
May 21, 2023

I think this post will give public better understanding about the vehicle signage pricing specially in Melbourne Australia.

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