Vehicle Signage Price Idea

To make an attractive sign on your vehicle will have the following stages.


1. First you have to check our website for some works we have already done and compare the prices. 


2. When you select a product then make sure to select the quality you want to see the price accordingly. There are different qualities, Basic, Standard & Premium. These vinyls have different features & characteristics.

3. Once you choose the signage style to go ahead with, then forward us the reference images and your business details.

4. We will then forward you the invoice to deposit payment before we put you job in the design queue.

5. After receiving the payment we will put your job in the queue for design process.

6. We will send you the design in 2-4 days after payment is received. If the design is complicated or need adjustment then it may take a bit longer.

7. You may ask to make up to 10 - 15% changes in the design or colors. If you wanted more changes or new designs then $120 per hour will be charged for design services.

8. Once you are happy and approved the design then we will start production of your job.

9. If you are local and installation is needed the we will make an appointment for you to bring your vehicle for the hours or days required. 

10. You must bring your vehicle washed & clean for vinyl application / installation.

11. If your vehicle is dirty or not clean when delivered then we will charge you extra $80 to $180 for hand car wash.

12. You will have to pay the remaining balance before picking up the vehicle or delivery.

To make your business signage, we just need the following details from you.


1. Your business logo (if you have) We can also design if needed.  (charges apply)

2. Name of your registered business or company

3. Phone number or mobile (as you want)

4. Email address 

5. Website address (if any)

6. Any special color code (if required)

7. Reference design or idea (if any)

8. Business address (if required)


Vinyl Life Warranty

Standard quality printed & laminated vinyl sign has 3 - 5 years life and Premium quality has 5-10 years life on vertical surfaces. And the vinyl life will reduce from 40 - 70% for horizontal surfaces like car bonnet or roof.

The life of the sign also depends on your care & maintenance.

Clear Focus Autovue - Automotive Perforated Window Film

Clear Focus AutoVue is a 160 micron black/white polymeric PVC film with a removable pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. It has 2.0mm diameter perforated holes, and is ideal for medium to long-term graphics. You can expect up to 2 years outdoor durability without lamination. Images will be visible on the outside, and the outside will be clearly visible from the inside of the vehicle. 

Window signage
AutoVue is one of the most popular One Way Vision products, and it is the perforated window film choice for smaller road vehicles - including cars, vans and Utes. Complies with all Australian traffic and transport regulations.
*We recommend pairing with Clear Cast as an overlaminate for better protection and performance.


• Complies with all Australian State & Territories traffic and transport regulations. 
• 2.0mm hole diameter perforation
• Polymeric calendared PVC with removable acrylic adhesive
• Up to 2-3 years outdoor durability
• Excellent printability - solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV Suitable Applications:

• Medium to long-term exterior mount window graphics
• Cars, vans & Utes
• Glass doors & other transparent surfaces


Installation / Application

1. You can install it yourself and can find helpful videos on YouTube. But if you cannot install it by yourself, then you can find a vinyl sticker installer near you on google or your local signage shop can do it for you.

3. Charges of installation depends on every individuals, according to their fame, expertise, Quality of their job, their location etc. Also the shape of the car body, trims, Moldings, deep channels, creases, edges finishing etc. 

4. You can also find installers to do it on-site (at your place) for you but they will charge you extra for their mobile service.


Hope this may help you but if there is any more question then pls contact us by email to