Vehicle Wrapping Price guide

Vehicle Wrapping Guide 

You can wrap your whole vehicle with any design, vinyl color or textured vinyl you like. You should keep in your mind the price for all the requirements in your project, for example how many meters of Vinyl Needed + Vinyl Cost per meter + Design coast if needed + Parts & Panels removal & Installation cost if required for perfect finishing + Vinyl Installation cost depends on the expertise of every individual's finishing quality.


1. Vinyls needed for small size cars to fully wrapped with 13 - 16 meters of vinyl. Mid-size cars with 15 - 18 meters and large 18 - 22 meters of vinyl and so on according to their sizes. Just to give you a rough idea about the vinyl wrapping cost. To give you a full wrap price idea.

Small size cars wrapping cost between $1990 - $2490

Medium size cars wrapping cost between $2490 - $3190

Large size cars wrapping cost between $2890 - $3890

Small size van wrapping cost between $2890 - $3490

Medium size van wrapping cost between $3490 - $4590

Large size van wrapping cost between $4990 - $5990

2. Vinyl Cost 

depends on the different brand, color, finish, features etc. they come mostly in 1520 mm width.

Vinyl prices starts from $5 up to $230 per meter. Vinyl for full vehicle wrap starts from $75 per meter and special color vinyl are more expensive like Chameleon $125 per meter. And the most expensive vinyl is chrome (mirror look). Starting price from $200 - $270 per meter.


3. Sizes & Shapes changes the prices accordingly, the more materials needed means more money for material and the more complex curves means more time to do the jobs and will cost more to pay for professional labor. For example the front bumper takes much more time than the bonnet of the car, because the bonnet is plain and front bumper has more curves and complexity, need more stretching, heating, parts removals and finishing cuts etc.


4. Time  is very important in wrapping vinyl. An experienced person can do the job better & quicker but when it come to quality work, then it takes more time and will cost more. Basic wrap will take 2-3 days (18 - 24 hours), Good Quality 3-4 days (24 - 32 hours), Premium Quality 5-6 days (40 - 48 hours).


5. Finishing makes a big change in the prices because if you want quality finishing then more experience, time & attention needed or if the parts needs to be removed for quality finish and re-assembled, then it takes more time to finalize the job and cost more.

An experience person can do the wrap with high quality finish but if the person doesn't have much experience, they may damage the panels, paint, fad color of the vinyl by over-stretching, over-heating, over-pressing the squeegee. The result can be a disaster and it may not look good and start peeling from the overstretched edges in few days.


6. Multi-color vinyl use can also make the price higher. The  more one color vinyl you buy, the more time & money you can save. If you want extra decals on top of the vinyl wrap or under the vinyl for embossed effect, then you must be ready to pay more.

7. Life warranty depends on many factors. Different brands & quality vinyl wraps have from 1 to 12 years of life for vertical areas but top horizontal areas like roof, bonnet & trunk will decrease 40% - 70% less life due to the increased direct exposure to UV and pollutants. Also depends on your care & maintenance. If you use  top brands cast vinyl then  you can expect 5-12 years life for vertical areas and 3-5 years life for Horizontal surfaces. The more you keep the vinyl surface clean, maintained with special liquid polish and keep the car under the shade , the more life you can expect.  You should remove the bonnet wrap, roof wrap or any horizontal surface vinyl wrap after 3 years. Do not risk it more than that otherwise you will have problem removing the vinyl 

Note: Remove the vinyl immediately if you notice a rapid color change, darkening or specially hairline cracking. otherwise it will damage you paint and will need a professional to remove the vinyl which will cost you  more money.

Standard warranty is 3 years for vertical surfaces which  covers for peeling,  color fade,  cracking. 1 year for horizontal surfaces.

Warranty against vinyl peeling, curling, shrinking, cracking, and colors fading, all depends on the nature & quality of the vinyl, wether you park the car in garage or outside, under the harsh sun or in the shade, keep it clean or not, use the special polish or not. protect it from the strong chemicals or not. The warranty is valid only where the vehicle’s painted surface is in sound, original and clean condition.

If your vehicle has had any after-market body repair (including dent removal, panel beating, re-spraying) please note that this will void all warrantees and guarantees. During the installation process, vinyl is often placed, removed and replaced more than once. It is possible for the adhesive backing to pull off the repaired paint or body work. Please be aware that Signage companies will take no responsibility for damage that may occur during the installation process with after-market body repair and/or painting.

Hope this info helped you to better understand the cost of vehicle wrapping. Pls write your comment so we can improve more.

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