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We can wrap your vehicle with any design, color or texture you like. You should keep in your mind the price for all the requirements in your project, For Example How many meters of Vinly Needed + Vinyl Cost per meter + Design cost if needed + Cleaning cost + Parts & Panels removal & Installation cost if required for perfect finishing + Vinyl Installation cost depends on the experties of every individual's experience and finishing quality.


1. Vinyls needed for small size cars to fully wrapped with14 - 17 meters of vinyl. Mid-size cars with 16- 18 meters and large 18 - 22 meters of vinyl and so on according to their sizes. Just to give you a rough idea about the vinyl wrapping cost. To give you a full wrap price idea.

Small size cars wrapping cost between $1990 - $2490

Medium size cars wrapping cost between $2490 - $3190

Large size cars wrapping cost between $2890 - $3490

Small size van wrapping cost between $2890 - $3490

Medium size van wrapping cost between $3490 - $4990

Large size van wrapping cost between $4990 - $5990

2. Vinyl Cost depends on the different brand, color, finish, features etc. they come mostly in 1520 mm width.

Vinyl prices starts from $5 up to $230 per meter. Vinyls for full vehicle wrap starts from $55 per meter and special color vinyls are more expensive like Kameleon. And the most expensive vinyl is chrome (mirror look). Starting price from $180 - $230 per meter.

3. Sizes & Shapes changes the prices accodingly, the more materials needed means mo