We can wrap your vehicle with any design, color or texture you like. We also supply the materials if you want.


1. Vinyls needed for small size cars to fully wrapped with14 to 17 meters of vinyl. Mid-size cars with 16 to 18 and large 18 to 20 meters of vinyl.


2. Life warrenty depends on different quality wraps and from 5 to 10 years of life for vertical areas and top horizontal areas will have 50% to 70% less life because of direct sunlight exposure. It all depends on your care & maintenance.


3. Pricing depends on the vinyl wrap type (color vinyl or printed & laminated), size, shape of the vehicle (plain or complicated), vinyl brand & quality, and finishing.


Small cars wrap starts from $1990 up to $2490

Medium from $2490 up to $3190

Large size cars from $2890 up to $3490

Small size van wrapping starts from $3290 up to $3990.

Medium size van wrapping starts from $3490 up to $4490.

Large size van wrapping starts from $4990 up to $5990.


Special vinyls are more expensive like Kameleon. And the most expensive vinyl is chrome. Starting price from $4990 up to $7490. Bigger vehicles takes more materials and more time to complete and cost more to fully wrap.


4. Sizes & Shapes changes the prices accodingly, the more materials needed means more money for material and the more complex curves means more time to do the jobs and will cost more to pay for professional labor. For example the front bumper takes much more time than the side body, because the side body is plain and front bumper has more curves and complexity, need more stretching and finishing cuts etc.


5. Time is very important in wrapping vinyls. An experienced person can do the job better & quicker but when it come to quality work, then it takes more time and will cost more. For satandard Quality we need the vehicle for 3-4 days, Good Quality 4-5 days, Premium Quality 5-6 days.


6. Finishing may vary on the prices because if you want quality finishing then more time & attention needed or if the parts needs to be opened and wrapped individually up to maximum edge level and assembled, then it takes more time to finish the job and cost more.

Tech This Out Hiace Van Sign wrap

AU$3,350 Regular Price
AU$2,950Sale Price

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